Seoul Bar & Spirit Show is a premium cultural place

that leads the culture and trend of the new liquor industry.

This is the must-attend event for all industry professionals

running various liquor businesses.

Located in Seoul, the most dynamic and full of potential market in the world,

Bar & Spirit Show connects culture, experience, and brand.

Visit and create new business opportunities.

Born to Drink

Seoul Bar & Spirit Show


NameSeoul Int'l Bar & Spirit Show
DateJuly 28th(Fri) - 30th (Sun) 11:00 - 19:00

-July 28th : Business Day (Industrial Visitors)
-July 29th-30th : Enthusiasts Day (Public Visitors)
VenueHall D, COEX
ThemeBorn to Drink
ExhibitsWhiskey, Cognac, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Liqueur, Cocktail, Beer,
Wine, Traditional Liquor, Appliances and Equipment, Gourmet Food


[ Experience ]

The one and only bar & spirit specialized exhibition in korea.

Customer-centric platform connecting culture, experience, and brand.

New type of pop-up store featuring spirits and cocktails.

[ Leading Trend ]

Brand experience event satisfying and attracting the young customers.

A New type of pop-up store featuring spirits and cocktails.

[ Unique ]

Active playground where various tastes and lifestyles are respected.

A collection of trendy liquor brands collaborating with Korea's traditional liquor.

Innovative insight hub to catch the latest global bar scene trends at a glance. 

Seoul Int’l Bar & Spirit Show

Spirit, Drink, Bar Equipment
T. +82-2-6000-6711
Beer, K- Spirit, Wine
T. +82-2-565-0501