Drink Your Paradise!

Paradise for drinkers who connects culture, experience, and brand!

For consumers with diverse lifestyles and tastes, We invite you to the Bar & Spirit Show.

Seoul Bar & Spirit Show is a premium cultural place that leads the culture and trend of the new liquor industry.

This is the must-attend event for all industry professionals running various liquor businesses.

Located in Seoul, the most dynamic and full of potential market in the world,

Bar & Spirit Show connects culture, experience, and brand.

Visit and create new business opportunities.

Born to Drink

We invite you
to this charming place.

Seoul Bar and Spirit Show offers a variety of alcoholic beverages and finger foods without restrictions of its origins. Also we provide a knowledge of the new trend as well as networking to industry practitioners of various occupations who love the bar and cherish this kind of atmosphere.

Conferences and B2B events for professionals, Cocktail brewing classes for the public and flashy flare competitions are included.

A festival that you have never experience before will be presented.


Single malt, Blended, Bourbon,

Irish, Vodka, Tequila, Cognac


Brewery, Accessory, Raw materials,

Subsidiary Fee, Circulation



Base, Liqueur Syrup, Juice,

Carbonate, Garnish


Wine, Sparkling, Champagne,

Traditional liquor, Sake


Cheese, Sausage,

Gourmet food, Fruit,

Other food ingredients


Home bar, Refrigerator,

Glass, Brewing Kit,

Furniture, Other equipments

Social Media
Enjoy the Seoul Bar & Spirit Show on social media!

Social Media
Enjoy the Seoul Bar & Spirit Show on social media! 

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